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Automatic Car or Semi-Automatic Car Driving

Automatic Car or Semi-Automatic Car Driving

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Driving an Automatic Car is quite easier than the Manual Car. There will be only 2 pedals: brake and accelerator.
Modes: P (Parking Mode), R (Reverse Mode), N (Neutral), D (Drive Mode), S (Sport Mode) which differs with different cars.

Points to be noted:

  • Make sure you are in Parking Mode (P) before starting the car. Press the brake pedal and ignite the engine.

  • Make sure you completely halt the car before moving the stick from P (Parking Mode) to R (Reverse Mode).

  • Similarly before changing from R (Reverse Mode) to D (Driving Mode), make sure the car is completely stopped. Even whenever you need to put the car to P (Parking Mode) make sure it is completely stopped.

  • Make sure to lift the handbrake in Parking Mode (P) because the car can move to certain distance in Parking Mode.

After igniting the engine, engage the stick to D. Later release the brake and push on the accelerator pedal slowing. Just push the accelerator whenever you need speed and apply brake whenever you need to slow down you vehicle and enjoy the ride. Sport mode (S) is usually used in highways to drive faster.

To convert the car into Manual Mode, move the stick to the drive mode and push to the left. The car turns to the manual mode and slips to the first gear. To up-shift the gears, push the stick forward. To downshift the gears, push the stick backward. When you shift to the manual mode, just change the gears whenever needed. Forget about the clutch pedal and just chill with the accelerator and brake.

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