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Car Insurance Tips
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Car Insurance Tips

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Tips to remember while buying car insurance

  • Insurance is one of the premium thing to buy when you purchase a car. The new rule as on September 2018 demands mandatory long term third party insurance policy of minimum 3 years. This aims beneficiary because about INR 15 lakh personal accident will be covered to owner-driver. People need to look on the beneficiaries while buying on insurance for their cars.

  • Buy insurance exclusively at your needs. Have a look at the customer experience with the insurance company. One can get the best insurance by doing proper research. Evaluate few add-ons zero-depreciation, road side assistance etc. as per your requirement. Compare the insurance quote of a vehicle dealer with online portals and make smart choice. Check for customer and social network.

  • Evaluate the Insurance Declared Value [IDV] which helps in adjusting your premium amount at the time of purchase. Some agents do not include a zero-depreciation cover in their protection bundle. Ensure that you purchase insurance which covers this, else you probably not be able to claim when your car meets an accident. Few dealers may endeavour to push on superfluous add-ons for high commission. Don't get adheres to their strategies.

  • Most of the motor insurance companies offers two types of car insurance:
    Comprehensive Coverage: The insurance covers theft and in-transit damages, man-made disasters, external accidents and natural calamities along with third party liability insurance. One can also choose add-on like engine damage, road-side assistance, zero depreciation, return to invoice, etc.
    Third party liability coverage: This is basic and minimum amount of insurance one need to pay while buying a car.

  • Look for engine cover protected insurance. Do background check before buying insurance. Refer to insurance companies? performances released by IRDAI. Know all the deductible before making a record, reason majority of occasions the insurance companies ask to pay certain amount to the company at the time of claim. Check whether the insurance companies provides no-claim bonus, which saves some amount on the premium when policy holder claims this. Also check for the policies which includes accidents happening due to external factors, strikes, riots, acts of terrorism and hateful acts, burglary, break-in, blast, lightening and self-ignition, rail, road, air, waterways and lift transits. Make sure to compare few policies online before you purchase a car insurance.

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