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Tata Nexon vs Maruti Vitara Brezza

Tata Nexon vs Maruti Vitara Brezza

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Tata is consistently putting out good products now a days and Nexon is really impressive because it is so true to the concept and it looks like it has just rolled out of auto expo and straight into the showroom. When we did our review, we felt that it was not only the way it looks but it has the true potential to take up the competition. Brezza and Ecosport are its natural competitors. With the Brezza only having the diesel offering, this is the dual of the diesels.

The Nexon looks radical and eye catching. It has got the headlight and the ground clearance to play the part of a compact SUV and yet that could be like roofline and the white ceramic looking plastic highlights really differentiated and make it quite stylish.

Brezza on the other hand has the textbook SUV design. It has the stance, the upright manner, right proportions and it has its facer of flair with the contrast roofs and body panels. It is the descent looking car on its own but in this comparison it really looks boxy standing beside the Nexon.

On the inside too, the Brezza does the job of a compact SUV quite well. With the more upright rake of the wind stream, the air pillar, the large window area, and the higher seating. It definitely gives you the commanding feeling on an SUV from behind the wheel.

The Nexon has the lower seating but the large seats are better cushioned and better comfortable as well. Visibility is still good and you do get enough of the commanding feeling from behind the wheel. But compared to the Brezza it does feel more column. In terms of practicality both offer bumper holders on the fore doors, cup holders in the rear arm rest. The Brezza has two dash boxes and the Nexon has one large one with the large with the removable tray for tablets.

Both offers centre storage under the arm rest and the vicinity of the gear box. But the Nexon's area is too deep and narrow. It is not the best place to keep your phones either. The shutter for the opening door is something we expect. The dial for the drive modes could have been positioned elsewhere to make room for the mobile phone holder. Of course there are the AUX, USB holder in 12V power sockets on board. The Nexon has an additional umbrella holder which channels water to flow out. But only fixed sizes of umbrellas fit.

Features Comparision:

Tata NexonMaruti Vitara Brezza
Drive ModesYesNo
Cruise controlNoYes
Automatic wipersNoYes
Automatic headlightsNoYes
Rear air conditioning ventYesNo
Keyless entry & goActivity keyYes
Automatic climate controlYesYes
Bluetooth audio streaming & telephoneYesYes
Touchscreen infotainment system6.5 inch7 inch
Audio system8 speakers6 speakers
Steering mounted controlsYesYes
Reversing cameraDynamic guidelinesYes

When we are talking about compact SUV, boot space is also important. The Nexon has the larger 350L boot and though the Brezza has the smaller 320L capacity, it is better shaped and has the marginally wider opening.

The backseat of the Nexon does feel more comfortable quite a few reasons. It has got the better cushioned seats, better under-thigh support, marginally more leg room, and ample head room. However there are somethings to note. There are contouring of the seats for two is done. It is specifically done for two passengers. Still you can fit the third passenger in and you will be comfortable enough with the wide leg room over there. You do sit lower than the Brezza as well and the window line is a bit high so that it is open, it is airy, there is enough glass area and overall it is a comfortable place to be.

The Brezza has the flatter bench which is better suited to 3 with the armrest does include a bit more which most of the third passenger will feel that. The bench is a little firmer too. The seating position though is higher, the visibility is good. However it still has enough headroom. Legroom is good enough but it is the little less than the Nexon.

The Brezza has the 1.3L 90HP engine that produces 200Nm.

The Nexon is powered by the 1.5L 110HP producing 260Nm. The Nexon is heavier, but has the number advantage in terms of power. It has more power, more torque and so despite the addition weight, it has the better power to weight ratio.

Nexon has got the good power linear delivery and the makes it really good in city driving conditions because you don't have to work on the gears much at all. It's not like you have to slow down, pick up the pace again and move. All you have to do is put your foot down and even from low as 1000 rpm in third gear it will just pick up and get the move on again. When you do pick up the Nexon gets up to speeds quite efficiently too. But it takes time to get to the red line and you do miss the punch especially out on a highway when you need to make an overtake. However drive easy, shift before the red line and Nexon does really well.

Nexon does have different drive modes. Economy is the one that you use when you want to save on fuel. But the thing to note is that, at the low rpm, economy does makes a little hesitant and jerky to drive. Switching it to city does give a little bit more. The best mode really is sport drive mode where the engine does feel it is breathing a little easier, gets a little livelier and you get the best of the power. The drive mode does have voice prompts too.

When you start-off from the word 'Go', the Brezza has engine does feel quite lively in constant acceleration. But when you have variable speeds, you have to slow down, and get a move-on and get to keep changing your pace. That's when Brezza just doesn't do too well. Especially in traffic conditions, every time you slow down, you have to shift the gear down to get a move-on again. When you do use the gearbox you realise that the gearbox is the notchy and you have to have a little bit of a heavier hand to use it.

Once you do get some open road and get passing the 2000rpm mark, Brezza delivers strongly and it revs much higher too and freely. Basically the Nexon performs better in the city conditions and Brezza performs well when you are at higher speeds outer away.

As far as refinement goes, you will get to know that there is a diesel under the hood of the Nexon. You can hear it as well. But it is definitely the more refined car in all senses. Cabin is more hushed. It shuts up outside sounds, road noises, suspension sounds and engine noise is much better and that adds to the premium feel. It feels like a bigger car.

The Nexon also turns in really well and although there is roll it doesn't take away from its experience. The tyres grips well and on the whole the Nexon gives you experience of very safe and secure feel. The Brezza on the other hand does on a bit flatter and turns in reasonably well. But it just doesn't feel as good as the Nexon in comparison.

The Brezza steering just doesn't quite offers to feel back that the Nexon gives you. Even when are at straight line at high speed, it does have a quite a lot of slack at centre, which just doesn't give you the confidence or solid feel that the Nexon has.

The Nexon however steals the show as far as right quality goes. On its own the Brezza has really not a bad ride. When you sit in Nexon after Brezza, the difference is noticeable. Nexon just cushions every chump better and handles the bad roads really well and the suspension works very silently too. Overall Nexon is the better ride.

Fuel Economy:

Tata NexonCity: 14kmpl
Highway: 18kmpl
Maruti Vitara BrezzaCity: 15.3kmpl
Highway: 17.9kmpl

Well, the Brezza does takes all the right boxes. It is engineered for the Indian buyers. It is spacious, practical and well equipped compact SUV and despite the smaller engine, it does perform well too. Of course, it has the strength of brand Maruti behind it, which makes it a very sensible buy. However it does have its issues. It is a bit irritating to drive in city traffic. It is the nosier of the two, and the interiors do fall bland in this comparison.

Coming to the Tata, the brand may not give you the peace of mind that comes with Maruti and Nexon does have its issues as well. The engine is not as quite as punchy as we would like, and it is a bit hesitant sometimes and the fit and finish overall could have done with a bit more of fineness. However standing in this comparison there is no doubt that Nexon is the car that has more emotional appear. It is the one that draws you in form of its great looks, its premium feel interiors and it is not just the way it looks inside and outside. It is practical too. It has spacious cabins, engine is well equipped and it is really great to drive in the city and performs adequately on the highway. The ride and handling is definitely better than the Brezza.

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