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Toyota Fortuner or Ford Endeavour - The better one

Toyota Fortuner or Ford Endeavour - The better one

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Keeping in mind the ever popular car Toyota Fortuner, this is a big battle of heavy weights.

In India, the size of the vehicle determines the right of way. With any of these hulking SUVs you will find the traffic letting you go. All these SUVs are high off the ground and is step-up into their cabin. There are plenty to like in Ford Endeavour cabin. The built quality inside the Endeavour's cabin is also rather great. The dashboard is neatly styled and functionalities are placed where it desires to be. The seats are comfortable and this can be the place where you can spend the longest travel hours comfortably. After spending time with Endeavour, you have to compromise a bit with what you get in Fortuner. There are few soft touch plastics in the dashboard. The whole look and feel isn't great enough. The buttons won't feel rich, the roof lining is much better in a cheaper car.

The Endeavour is best identified by its new diamond cut alloy wheels looks bold and almost armour protected. The middle row seating has its hits and misses. The seat isn't really well padded, but the one thing that makes difference in the Endeavour world is the panoramic sun-roof. It makes the cabin feel really nice and just distinguishes the Endeavour. But on the flip side to accommodate the mechanism of the sun roof, the roof side lining is lower than it should be and head roof could be a problem for long occupants. Access to the last row seats are quite difficulty. That's because middle row seats merely slide forward and don't tumble forward. This leaves a small aperture that one has to walk the way through. The third row seats are not even intended for adults. There is no room and back rest is up right. One can't stay too long there.

The Fortuner has beak like nose, glim headlights and clink glasses do give it a unique visual identity. The Fortuner comes back strong with its complete middle row. The middle row is firm and also supportive, it also have option to slide the seat back and forth to give freedom to the third row of passengers and also you recline the seats to your comfort. You sit at the nice position and there is no shortage of space either. Relatively speaking, the Fortuner has the best third row. Though the place is not for large adults, but it is still there is most usable of the third row. The option to recline the backrest is tolerable with the seating position. The single touch tumble mechanism of the middle row seats offers access to the third row seats in Fortuner.

Fortuner doesn't have tyre pressure monitor, android auto/ apple car play, sunroof, front parking sensor, auto parking as in Endeavour. Ford Endeavour is available in 166PS horsepower, 2.8L Diesel engine gets the combo option of automatic transmission and 4-wheel drive. The Endeavour's performance is fine and access is good and just feels ready to go. The engine roars at low speeds. It's not defining that loud, but would prefer if the engine kept its calm. The bump protection makes you feel that you don't need to slow down your vehicle at bumps. The suspension also goes about its business in a absolutely quite manner. Still it is Toyota Fortuner 177PS horsepower, 2.7L Diesel Engine that's the loudest of SUVs. It has got the refinement, which feels Toyota Engine has reached their last gen. The performance is rather good, in fact it feels the Toyota Fortuner is the quickest. Initial responses are good. The Fortuner have peddle shifters that do their bit to add to the driving experience. The vehicle makes you feel so comfort that one doesn't even recognize the broken roads. When you build the pace the stiffness of the car comes to handy as it makes the car feel nice and compose. The steering becomes nice and direct when you go faster and gives good sense of connection with the car. One can actually have some fun in the Fortuner.

Off road: Both the models, Toyota Fortuner and Ford Endeavour comes with hill descent control, 4-wheel drive and low range. It is still the Fortuner that glides its way out of trouble with relative ease in mountains. The Endeavour uses its stearin management system with good effort, but soft suspension also means it will completely work when you don't wanted to. Fact is you can't go wrong with the Fortuner. At the same time it is also hard to overlook its lesser points of loud engine and average cabin quality. Ford's Endeavour has been a pick initially, but better seat rows and driving experience would have made it hard to beat.

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