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Diesel cars or Petrol cars - Which is better ?

Diesel cars or Petrol cars - Which is better ?

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1) Cost of Petrol vs Diesel car
The petrol variant is less than that of the diesel variant. The difference in the amount of on-road price of Petrol and Diesel car variants will be more since the registration cost for Diesel car is more than that of the petrol car. The difference is around 1 to 3% depending on the state of purchase and cost of the vehicle. The showroom price between the diesel and petrol variants differs from 1 to 1.5 lakhs, for cars costing less than 10 lakhs.

2) Petrol vs Diesel Mileage
The mileage of the petrol engine is less than that of the diesel engine. The diesel engine utilises more fuel as compared to that of Petrol engine since Diesel engine does not need a spark plug. The extra cost of a car paid while buying can be covered easily by the better Mileage of the diesel engine.

3) Petrol vs Diesel price
Looking at the statistics the petrol price is more than that of the diesel. But both the prices are keeping on increasing. So, there might not be much difference between these two.

4) Smooth Drive
The diesel engine is not only more powerful than petrol engines, but also have higher torque, which results in a smoother drive. On the other hand, the vibration and the harshness in Diesel driven cars are higher than that of a petrol driven car. In petrol engines, the power developed is low due to compression ratio whereas in Diesel engines power is more.

5) Petrol vs Diesel car maintenance
The consumables like engine oil and spares used in Diesel vehicles are expensive, hence the maintenance cost of Diesel cars is higher than petrol cars. The resale value of petrol car is less than Diesel cars. But the life of petrol engine is more than that of a diesel engine.

6) Smooth start
An engine usually starts when it is hot. Diesel engines work on auto-ignition. If it is cold outside, air does not heat up to ignite the fuel immediately. Petrol engines use a spark plug to start and do not freeze. Hence petrol engines start smoothly during winter when compared to diesel engines.

Depending on these differences one can decide which is best suitable for them to buy.

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