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MG Hector : Top reasons to buy

MG Hector : Top reasons to buy

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Brand: MG

MG Hector is one of the much awaited SUV. Here we are with the top reasons to buy the mild hybrid engine. Yes! You heard right, the MG Hector also offers a mild hybrid engine apart from the 1.5L petrol and 2L diesel engine options. The 48 volt mild hybrid engine will provide you with an additional 20 Nm of torque at lower revs range to counter the turbo lag and will be useful in the city traffic. The mild hybrid variant is also claimed to deliver 12% more fuel economy than its petrol sibling. The mild hybrid engine option is also a segment first feature of MG Hector and it also assists the connected SUV in reducing emission. The certainly gives the Hector an upper hand over its key rivals.

Speaking of the cabin, the interior of the MG Hector is right mix of futuristic features and luxury. The overall feel and look is sophisticated as it gets an all-black cabin and the use of fall leather in the upholstery enhances the luxury appeal of this SUV. The vertically placed 10.4 inch infotainment system has replaced the conventional buttons which is a good change. The blue backlit home screen of the infotainment screen and instrument cluster complements the all-black interior of the MG Hector.

We surely cannot miss out the Hector's infotainment system. The highlight of the cabin is the big 10.4 inch full HD touchscreen which is in portrait mode. It is as easy to use as an Apple iPad or a Samsung tab. The system comes loaded with the Gaana app for music, TomTom for navigation AccuWeather for all climate updates and has an air tool sim embedded in the system that cannot be removed.

The car can be started via MG iSmart app on your mobile phone and you can use the host of voice based commands by simply saying "Hello MG". Next in the list has to be the undisputed Hector SUVs first-in-class 50+ connected features. MG Hector comes with 50+ connected features which is powered by MG's iSmart next-gen technology which gives the SUV good network connection irrespective of wherever you take it. SUV also has eCall feature which is activated when airbags are deployed. The eCall feature sends a pre-set text message with the SUV's current location to MG Motor pulse hub. The pulse hub then calls the driver and other phone numbers saved in the head unit that is the infotainment system to help the driver with speedy medical assistance.

Finally what has to be worth to mention is the big bootspace. Well the Hector comes with the huge 587 litre boot. Yes, you heard it right. It is 587 which is really massive by any comparison with any other car and it's a wide and deep boot, which means that you can really load it up fully and it will take care of all your weekend needs if you plan to go for that long trip on the weekend. This SUV's boot will really manage to soak in all your luggage also the ledge is really wide which means two to four people can easily sit in it. The 587 litre boot is one of the largest we have seen on any car in the market and adds to the practicality of the cabin.

The new SUV from Morris Garages has been aggressively priced for the Indian market as it starts from an ex showroom price of 12.18 lakh and goes up to 16.88 lakh for the fully packed variant. It is the first car from the British based Chinese owned company and is offered in 4 variants : style, super, smart and sharp. Well this makes the SUV worthy enough for the great buy.

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