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Things people do wrong while driving

Things people do wrong while driving

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People usually drive fast if they are late to work, need to be on time for an appointment or want to get to the destination as quick as possible. Even if you stay under the speed limit there are certain things that can put you at risk of an accident and should be avoided. You can drive fast and be a responsible driver for yourself, your passengers and other cars in the vicinity.

Incorrect hand position
In the past, people were taught to keep their hands at the 10 and 2 o? clock positions on the steering wheel but AAA and the National Highway Safety Administration have changed the guidelines. It is now recommended that people hold the wheel at 9 and 3 o? clock positions. If you hold the steering wheel with one hand or hold it lower than recommended perhaps at the 8 and 4 o? clock positions, this will lessen your control of the car. Having control is of the utmost importance while you are driving fast. In case of an accident having your hands high up put you a greater risk of injury if the airbag deploys. Remember that the safety can?t be guaranteed if you are driving over the speed limit. It might be better to be a little late to your meeting than risk getting into an accident.

Driving fast despite bad weather conditions
When the weather gets bad, like when it is raining or a huge amount of falling snow threatens your visibility, it?s time to slow down. Unfortunately not everyone does that. The speed limits on the road are meant to be used in ideal or dry conditions. So it is necessary to slow down for winter weather even if you feel confident that you can avoid a patch of ice and keep control of your car, it isn?t just about your control but about everyone else on the road too. Other vehicles might hydroplane or stop suddenly. If you drive fast you will have less time to react and you panic and slam on your brakes. If you are driving in the snow this could make your tires lose traction and fully take away your ability to control you vehicle. It can take 4-10 times longer to brake on ice than on dry asphalt. Normally a car driving at 100 kmph needs a minimum of 240 feet to come to a full stop. But this distance increases significantly in wet conditions.

Staying too close to other cars
The recommendation is to double or even triple your distance between cars. A good way of judging this distance is if a car ahead of you passes a landmark it should take six seconds before you pass it. Many drivers don?t take into consideration that as you increase your speed, you should also increase the distance between cars. For every 16 km per hour, there should be four car lengths of space. A greater distance gives you more time to react to a dangerous situation. Reaction time various from person to person. If you drive fast and the car ahead of you stops in a short amount of time you?ll have to decide whether to keep accelerating or brake and whether to go straight ahead or try to veer to the side. It usually takes between 0.7 and 3 seconds for a person to react, with the average person reacting in about 2.5 seconds. Keep in mind that if you drive too close to a car, this could be considered tailgating which is illegal in many places.

Distracted Driving
When you think of distracted driving you might think about driving under the influence ? texting or talking on the phone. However something like playing loud music can also affect your response time. A study found that listening to loud music can slow down someone?s reaction time by 20%. That is a critical amount of time and could prevent an accident. So what exactly would be considered loud music? Just about 95 dB. Since typical car radios can reach 110 dB and some go up to 170 dB. This situation happens more often than it should.

Listen to your favorite tunes
Loud music aren?t the only way to distract you. Your favorite songs at a normal volume can also do the track. Music is known to reduce stress and anxiety and improve memory. So there is a plenty of upsides to it but blaring out to your favorite songs while driving fast might not be such a good idea. A study tested 85 teenagers driving skills while listening to music. While listening to their favorite songs 98% of them made errors. While listening to easy going music like soft rock or jazz, only 77% of them made mistakes. So if you are driving fast it is best to keep the radio off.

Not keeping your eyes on the road
This one might seem like common sense but it is more important than ever when driving at high speeds. Nothing should be distracting the driver visuals. In a 6 second period drivers who take their eyes off the road for 4.6 seconds in which time a pedestrian could cross the road, traffic could come to a full stop or an animal could get in the way. Other visual distractions like using a GPS or trying to change a song can lead to serious consequences. If you aren?t mentally engaged with driving, that can also lead to accidents. If your mind is also elsewhere ? may be thinking about your grocery list or your to-do list for the day and you are speeding at 80 km per hour, you might miss an important stop sign or not realize that the light changed from green to red.

Coasting is dangerous by itself. If you are at speed, the danger only increases. When the car is coasting, it is moving forward without using a lot of power or effort and you lose any breaking assistance your engine provides. Coasting can be accomplished by holding down the clutch pedal or setting the car?s gear in neutral. Accidents can occur when drivers fail to use the accelerator and brakes and just let momentum do the job. Coasting might save you some gas but it will make you lose throttle control. If you are making a turn on the road, the wheels will no longer be controlled by the engine which might make the car bend too fast or make a turn that?s too wide, and of course if you are driving downhill the vehicle will basically be free-falling and will quickly gather speed. This will force you to slam on the brakes in hopes of restoring control.

Turning the steering wheel incorrectly
The way you turn the wheel while driving fast can be crucial. A lot of people use one hand or one hand over the other to make a turn. If you want to turn right, the proper way is to push the steering wheel with your left hand and pull it with your right hand. If you drive fast, you are at the higher risk of getting accident, which is why you need to be mindful of your car?s airbags and how they respond. If your airbag is deployed while turning a wheel with an incorrect movement, the force of the airbag could send your hand flying into your face and cause serious damage. To avoid this, just remember to use the push and pull movement. Though it might look cool, never turn the wheel with just the palm of your hand or your thumbs.

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