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Hyundai ELITE i20
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Hyundai ELITE i20

Category: Reviews
Brand: Hyundai

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June-09-2019 23-36-39

With a good design and more luxury feel, Hyundai i20 stands out for itself. New tail gate design as well as new front and rear bumpers. The quality standards in the car, number of features are simply fantastic with its 6 speed manual, front wheel drive. The steering in i20 is pretty improved. Refinement is excellent. The diesel engine is 1.4L and has both advantage as well as disadvantage. You can drive in heavy traffic and highways as it picks up pace and power delivery is good, but there occurs more shifting of gears in traffic. Quality and features are phenomenal. The navigation and multimedia system is new.

Overall this is a quality and refined product which one can use it on daily basis. It doesn't have an automatic option which something Hyundai should definitely work on.

Hyundai i20 is bit more luxury and featured compared to swift. Elite i20 is a bliss if you are looking for fancy and pleasure ride. It has softer suspension when compared to Swift. If you are looking for a posh car at this budget, along with modern technology and safety features, just go for i20.

Manoj Sharma

June-09-2019 23-41-11

The car is good which is having all the features such as high performing engine, mileage and design. The car comes in the 4th ranks with respect to sales. Lets have a look at the pros and cons of the car.

Pros of Hyundai Elite i20:

> The first thing you notice about the i20 is the fact that it has sedan-like interior space.
> It is comfortable for all passengers and even three in the back seat can sit happily.
> It is also a very good looking car especially with its new fluidic design.
> It has sophisticated fit and finish which make it a better option that some of its competitors which feel crude and have poor quality plastics.
> The i20 also benefits from the excellent after-sales service and resale value that all Hyundai cars enjoy in India.
> On top of all that the fact that the i20 comes loaded with features on its top-end variants is like the icing on the cake.

Cons of Hyundai Elite i20:

> The i20 may look sporty but it isn?t much fun to drive, its suspension setup is tuned for ambling around the city and handling road undulations.
> It isn?t the petrol car with the best mileage either and it much more expensive than its rivals.
> The i20?s most evident negative has to be the lack of safety features in all variants except top-end models.
whichever variant you opt for the i20 is way too expensive for a hatchback and other more affordable options are available.

Rohit Guria

June-10-2019 16-49-42

Looking at the premium hatchback section, i20 is the best in class. As compared to its rivals from Maruti, VW it comes in a much user-friendly budget for Indian people. All spare parts are easily available in economical cost without compromising with the safety of the passengers. I used it from 2015 to 2018 petrol version with a daily run of around 70 km with a good mileage of 15-16 km/l. Just the times I needed to visit the service station was during the periodical maintenance. A very decent car with a premium looks and feel.

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