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Mahindra XUV300

Mahindra XUV300

Category: Reviews
Brand: Mahindra

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June-12-2019 23-19-22

Mahindra XUV300 is the beast of the compact. The car has much posher and up market inner design. In terms of quality features. XUV300 have some unique features like dual control as well as steering settings which can be changed for comfort of the sport mode. You also get features like tyre pressure monitor as well as which direction the steering wheel in rotated.

XUV300 has more knee room than Venue in the back seat. XUV300 has good steering. One can choose the different drive modes from the settings. Mahindra engines are pretty good in the refinement. The engine responsiveness is really good in Mahindra XUV300 which makes it better car for people who drive in the city. The diesel engine is more powerful and punchier in terms of power delivery than the one on the Venue.


June-13-2019 19-52-47

I can say this is one of the best car from Mahindra till date. They have improved a lot in interior quality and the build quality is very good. Amazing engine, Muscular body and bold look make this car a the best. This is smooth car for Driving,relaxing and is very comfortable. Overall it is a great value for money


June-13-2019 20-00-04

I liked the look of the car and the most amazing thing was that when I took the test drive, I was amazed by the performance of the car .This car is packed with features like 3 modes of steering and many more. First in its class safety features like 4 wheel disk brake and many others. No, other cars in this class offer the features as the top model of XUV300 offers.

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