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What's the difference between petrol engine and diesel engine?

Posted by: Chethan



Petrol Engine Diesel Engine
The Petrol Engine works on OTTO Cycle(On constant volume) The Diesel Engine works on Diesel cycle(On constant pressure)
In this engine, a highly volatile fuel Petrol is used In this engine, a non-volatile fuel diesel is used
The Petrol and air are mixed in the carburetor before they enter into the cylinder The fuel is fed into the cylinder by a fuel injector and is mixed with air inside the cylinder
In the petrol engine, the air and fuel mixture is sucked during the suction stroke In the diesel engine, the fuel is injected into the combustion chamber through the injector and the air is sucked during the suction stroke
The petrol engine compresses a mixture of petrol and air which is ignited by an electric spark The diesel engine compresses only a charge of air and ignition is done by the heat of compression
The electric spark is generated by the spark plug into the combustion chamber so the ignition is due to the spark by an external source, hence called spark ignition (SI) engine The ignition is due to the heat generated during the compression stroke by the high compressed ratio, hence called compression ignition (CI) engine
Due to a lower compression ratio, less power is produced and it has small vibration so it develops less noise Due to the high compression ratio more power is produced and it has large vibration so it develops more noise
This engine uses spark plug to ignite the fuel in the combustion chamber This engine uses an injector to inject the fuel in combustion chamber
It has low compression ratio so they are light in weight To handle the high compression ratio, it has heavy metal so it is heavier than petrol engine
They are high-speed engines since they are of lightweight and also due to homogeneous combustion They are low-speed engines since they are of heavyweight and also due to heterogeneous combustion

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